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Our Fresh Baked, Custom Cakes

Our cakes are beautiful and delicious!  Perfect for your celebration or special occasion.

Cakes must be ordered and we request ordering 48 hours in advance.  If you need a cake for Saturday or Sunday, please place your order by Thursday.  We will be happy to write a message on your cake or have it pre-sliced.

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Cake and Petifore Pricing
24 Assorted Petifores ... $45
8" Round Cake, serves 12 ..... $45
Quarter Sheet Cake, serves 24 ..... $70
Half Sheet Cake, serves 48 ..... $130
Full Sheet Cake, serves 96 ..... $210

Cassis Cake

cassis cake

Yellow cake with a soft black currant cream filling and fresh berries and gold leaf garnish.

Chocolate Hazelnut

chocolate hazelnut

Chocolate cake with dark chocolate mousse and a hazelnut cream center. Garnished with disks of roasted hazelnuts & chocolate.

Lemon Cake

lemon cake

A white sponge cake with layers of lemon mousse filling, finished with white chocolate shavings and garnished with raspberries.

Mixed Berry Cream

mixed berry cream

A white sponge cake with layers of mixed berry mousse, wrapped in a raspberry jaconde, garnished with fresh assorted berries and finished with apricot glaze.

Chocolate Flourless

chocolate flourless cake

Almond and cocoa sponges make up this flourless cake filled with a chocolate ganache, toasted almonds surround the base, finished with a decadence glaze and then dusted with cocoa powder in a striped design.

Chocolate Mousse

mixed berry cream

A generous center of dark chocolate mousse sandwiched between chocolate sponge layers soaked in raspberry syrup, chocolate mousse finish, decorated with candied chopped almonds, dusted with cocoa and powdered sugar.

Dulce De Leche

dulche de leche

Our Dulce de Leche cake is a traditional Argentinian classic. An 8” chocolate genoise, Dulce de Leche cream filling, wrapped in a jaconde chocolate oval pattern, apricot glaze finish and caramel polka dot drops. Garnished with two chocolate tuiles.

Tiki Crunch

Tiki Crunch

An island of coconut dacquoise discs, layers of macadamia nut crunch and pineapple-rum compote, coconut mousse filling, wrapped in a Madeline sponge with a generous coating of toasted shredded coconut, apricot glaze finish, palm tree garnish created with white chocolate tuiles, cocoa powder and macadamia nuts.

Mount Diablo

mount diablo

Layers of chocolate, white and rum soaked mado (hazelnut) sponges with a layer each of raspberry jam, coffee mousse and chocolate mousse, dark chocolate velvet finish, garnished with chocolate dipped meringue kisses and fresh fruit. One of the few “square” cakes in the line.



Yellow cake filled with a passion fruit mousse and a surprise mixed berry cream center, garnished with raspberries and apricot glaze.

Opera Cake

opera cake

A classic French dessert of joconde cake soaked with coffee syrup and filled with rich coffee buttercream and dark chocolate mousse, finished in a dark chocolate ganache, dusted with cocoa powder and garnished with a touch of gold leafing.

Chocolate Profiterole

A signature polka dot jaconde band wrapped around a yellow cake filled with a rich chocolate mousse and vanilla filled cream puffs. Garnished with vanilla filled puffs.

Chocolate Cappuccino

chocolate cappuccino

A striped jaconde band wrapped around a chocolate almond cake and filled with a layer of chocolate mousse and a layer of cappuccino cream. Garnished with cocoa powder and an apricot glaze.

Black and White

Black and White

A chocolate sponge cake layered with dark chocolate mousse and white chocolate mousse, wrapped in a tall sheet of white chocolate, delicately draped over the top of the cake, finished with fresh seasonal fruit.

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